Icon Rejects

Haven for Rejected Icons

Haven for Big Icons, show off your 40K+!
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Anybody , Moderated
Brand new comm, a haven for your rejected icons - we care for the icons LiveJournal won't host.

Post your over-sized icons here - they should be over 40K or larger than 100x100 pixels. (Otherwise they're not rejected icons, are they?)

We fix icons
Well, we'll try - post your over-sized icon and we'll try to make it small enough for LJ.

Advertising policy
Yes, we do have one. Make sure you read it before posting. It's here.

Status: open
All members and friends of Icon Rejects can make icon requests and one or more of us will fill them for you.

Rules for requests
01. Only members and watchers can make requests at Icon Rejects.
02. Any IR members can fill your request.
03. Be specific unless you really don't mind how we interpret your request. Provide your own images where possible.
04. Comment & credit. Linking back to Icon Rejects is nice but not necessary.
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