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Mod hat on: Advertising policy

I didn't have an advertising policy because I didn't want to be draconian. However, I don't want the comm to go off-topic either, so here are the rules:

01. You may advertise icon comms and icon journals here, in moderation. For anything else clear it with me first. You can do this by emailing me - sweetheartstar at hotmail dot com - with the subject "Icon Rejects - ad request".

02. I would prefer it if you include (over-sized) icons in your post, but I'm not going to throw a hissy fit if you don't.

03. If in doubt, email first (see 01 above)!

I will delete non-cleared non-icon related ads or excess ads quicker than you can say "Bad spam! No cookie!" So, please don't do it. Thank you.

Good places to promote your communities and journals include:
community_promo & thecommunity & comm_unity

Know any others? Comment to this post. Thanks.

...and now for more over-sized icons:

Angelina Jolie

I tried to fix it by making it greyscale. It didn't work; it's still too big.

Can you fix it? Comment to this post.

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